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Encicarb 500mg Injection contains the active constituent Ferric Carboxymaltose where iron is the primary component.  Medicines that contain iron are used in a condition called iron deficiency anemia, when you do not have enough iron in your body. This injection is used to treat iron deficiency when oral iron is not effective or tolerated; or when your doctor decides you need iron very quickly to build up your iron stores. 


Do not use Encicarb 500mg Injection if you are allergic to ferric carboxymaltose or other injectable iron preparations or if you have anemia not caused by iron deficiency or you have an iron overload (too much iron) in your body. 


Encicarb 500mg uses:

Encicarb 500mg Injection is indicated to treat iron deficiency when:

  • Oral iron is not adequate
  • You are intolerant to oral iron
  • Your body is in immediate need of intravenous iron to restore the iron levels.


How Encicarb 500mg Injection works:

Encicarb 500mg Injections work by replenishing iron stores to help the body produce more red blood cells.


Interaction with other drugs:

Inform your doctor about any medications you are taking before starting treatment with Encicarb 500mg. If this medicine is given with other oral iron preparations, the oral preparations would be less effective.


More Information:

Store in a cool & dark place (8˚C to 25˚C).



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